Seclira SG (New Packing)

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Active Ingredient : Dinotefuran 40% w/w
Formulation : SG (Soluble Granules)
Target Pest : House Flies, Cockroaches & Ants
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Features : Odourless, No stain
  : Provides knockdown characteristics exhibiting BASF Genuine Transfer Effect technology
  : HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) & EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified
  : New insecticides in Malaysia
  : Innovative non-repellent solutions (undetectable to insects)
  : Third generation Neo-Nicotinoid
Packing : 200 gm
Carton : 4 bottles 
Dilution Cockroaches, Flies & Ants : 4g per litre water
Fleas, Mites & Darkling Beetle Larvae : 5g per litre water
Bed bugs : 6.6g per litre water


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