Mosquito Dunks (2pcs)

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Mosquito Dunks are a type of insecticide that contains an active ingredient from the 
group of bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) that act as stomach toxins to control mosquito larvae.


    1) Targeted Treatment: One Mosquito Dunk effectively treats 100 square feet of surface water, making it convenient for treating various water bodies where mosquitoes breed.

    2) Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting: Kills mosquito larvae within 4 hours of application and continues to provide control for 30 days or more, offering extended protection against mosquito breeding.

    3) Non-Toxic: Non-toxic to people, pets, fish, and all other wildlife, ensuring safety for both the environment and other organisms inhabiting the treated area.

BTI dunks can be applied to various water sources where mosquito larvae may breed. Some common areas for applying BTI dunks include:

    1) Ponds

    2) Lakes

    3) Swamps and Wetlands

    4) Ditches and Drainage Areas

    5) Rain Barrels and Water Storage Containers

    6) Tire Tracks

    7) Gutters and Downspouts


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