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Company Background

Compesti® Sdn Bhd started its business in November, 2014 as a private limited company with its main stream of business in trading of chemical, equipment and cleaning product with added value services to the Pest Control Industry. 

We provide all sort of registered chemicals. Equipment, cleaning products and tools to supply to the pest control companies. With the demand from the industry we start our own product range:
  • Tamper Resistant Rodent Station (TRBS)
  • Above Ground Station (AG)
  • In-Ground Station (IG)
  • Glue Board Beta
  • Flytor 1.0 HV Glue Board
  • Fly Trap Multi Glue Board

Besides this, we also provide service such as follow:
  • In-House training for our customers to continuous update and refresh their skills
  • Consultation services to advice new Pest Control Operator (PCO) to the industry
  • Event planning for workshop and new product launch
  • Servicing and upkeep maintenance for all the equipment’s
In year 2016, Compesti® ventured into manufacturing industry and produced a fly trap unit name Flytor 1.0 HV. This product has then been launched in Malaysia.

With the experience of the Director and the reputation to provide good quality products and service in the market Compesti
® is now attracting  a numbered of Manufacturing Company to engage us as their Distributors for Malaysia market. 


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