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Pest Monitoring Device - DetectSafe and BaitSafe

DetectSafe - When a Hunter become the Hunted

Seclira SG vs Pyrethroid Chemical


Malaysia NCUP 25th Anniversary

NCUP 2.0 2019

Seclira SG is available in Malaysia

Treatment with Seclira SG

Selontra is available in Malaysia

BaitSafe® and Selontra Bait - 2nd Day

BaitSafe® and Selontra Bait - 1st Day

How to install BaitSafe® product

BaitSafe® is available in Malaysia

How two rats become 15,000 in a year

ULV Misting Machine, Mist Blower, Handheld Sprayer and Battery Operator Sprayer

Compesti™ Sdn Bhd would like to share our second video on one of our ULV Misting Machine for disinfectant / sanitizing / chemical treatment. The tank capacity for C100 is 4 litre and C150 is 6 litre tank capacity. For big area and area without any power supply, you may use Mist Blower Machine, Handheld Sprayer or Battery Operator Sprayer. Why buying with us? We do provide warranty on the equipment you purchase with us. Kindly contact us at +6012-4382729 or email us at enquiry@compesti.com if you have any further enquiry. #CPIVideoTWOulvmistingmachine #ulvmisting #machine #mistblower #batterysprayer #sprayer

Application Method while using Sanitizer or Disinfectant on Ethanol Base Solution

Special thanks to Takex Clean and Takex Clean Extra Sanitizer to help us understand further of the application method. Used under appropriate recommendations is much appreciated.

Takex Clean and Takex Clean Extra

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