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Aqua Resigen

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Aqua Resigen Permethrin Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients : s-bioallethrin 0.14% w/w ; 
permethrin (25/75) 10.27% w/w ;
piperonyl butoxide 9.84% w/w
Formulation : EW (Emulsified Water)
Features : Odourless, No stain
The FFAST technology developed by Bayer to enhance the performance of space sprays when diluted with water.
Fine Droplets
Knockdown Effect
Packing : 1 litre
Dilution : Mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti, Culex quinquefasciatus )
Flies (Musca domestica)

Thermal Fogging
: Outdoor : 10ml /litre (1:100) ;20ml / litre (1:50)
: Indoor 20ml / litre (1:50)

Ultra Low Volume (ULV)
:Outdoor :100ml /litre (1 :10) ; 50ml /litre (1:20)
:Indoor : 50ml /litre (1:20)

Aqua Resigen® is an environmentally-sensitive solution for flying insect pest and vector-borne disease control.

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