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Sumithion L-40

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Sumithion L-40 Fenitrothion Active Ingredients Sumithion L-40 Fenitrothion Active Ingredients

Active Ingredient : Fenitrothion 40% w/w; Tetramethrin 1.0% w/w
Formulation : UL (Ultra Low)
Target Pest : Mosquitoes
Shipping Weight :  
Features : One-Shot Application control both adult & larvae of mosquitoes due to its larvicidal activity 
  : Tertramethrin for rapid knockdown agent and flushing effects
  : Effectively interrupting the transmission cycle of infected mosquitoes
  : Long residual effect persists up to 1 month after ULV & Thermal Fogging application
Packing : 1 Litre
Carton : 20 bottles 
Dilution : Mosquitoes
: ULV Spraying - without dilution
: Thermal Fogging - 50ml to 1 litre diesel

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