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Label & MSDS & SDS

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Abate 1 SG     SDS
Abate 500     SDS
Agental 5 SC - 1 litre Label MSDS  
Alphacide 1.5 Sc- 4 litre Label   SDS
Baitsafe Station   MSDS  
Barrier Guard - 20 litre Label   SDS
D-Cyhalothrin - 1 litre Label MSDS  
Deltrinet SC - 1 litre Label MSDS  
Deter PRO - 1 kg Label   SDS
Detral 2.5 EC - 1 litre Label   SDS
DSP Chlorophacinone 0.25%   MSDS  
EcoShield PRO - 4 litre Label   SDS
Fendona SC Label   SDS
Mosbait 1.0 GR - 100g Label MSDS  
Mosbait 50 EC Label MSDS  
MosSpray - 1 litre Label   SDS
Mostek ULV 96 - 20 litre Label MSDS  
Neopeace     SDS
Pesguard FG161 Label   SDS
Precinct SC - 1 litre Label   SDS
Roach-X PRO - 1 kg Label   SDS
Seclira SG Label   SDS
Selontra     SDS
Storm Securable Label   SDS
Storm     SDS
Sumithion 50EC Label   SDS
Sumithion L-40 Label   SDS
Tenopa     SDS
Termitox 10 - 1 litre Label   SDS
WipeOut PRO - 50 gm Label   SDS

Chemical Brochure
Abate 500 Download
BaitSafe Installation Manual Download
Fendona SC  Download
Pesguard FG 161 Download
Tenopa SC  
Seclira SG  
Selontra  Download
Storm Securable  Download
Sumithion 50 EC Download
Sumithion L - 40 Download

Equipment Brochure
CPI AG Station Download
CPI 2 in 1 IG Station  Download
CPI Fly Trap A6                                              Download
CPI Fly Trap A7 Download
CPI Fly Trap A8 Zapper Download
CPI Rodent Trapper Download
CPI Thermal Fogger Download
CPI TRBS Alpha Download
CPI TRBS Beta Download
Flytor 1.0 HV  Download
Vector Plasma and Vector Plasma One Download

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